If you're pretending from the start like this, With a tight grip, then my kiss Can mend your broken heart I might miss everything you said to me

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Look at Harry’s face. Little fella!

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Okaay :-) it was Niall imagine :-) plot was something like... He was invited do to a model for Calvin Klein fashion show and Im his stylist and hairdresser for show, so we meet there... And the rest is up to you :-) If it helps, I have About me page on my tumblr :-) thank you again xxx

You look really beautiful bdw xxxxx

Niall’s p.o.v

I didn’t even know how I ended up with being a model for Calvin Klein fashion show. It was a weird feeling because I wasn’t used to do something like this but my boss wanted me to do that so here I am now.

Room number 116, room number 119…I read the titles on the rooms. “Where the hell is room 122?” I thought to myself. Finally I found it. A soft knock escaped from my hand. “Hi you must be Niall Horan right? Come in” a very beautiful girl answered the door and I took a step in. “I’m your stylist and hairdresser for today” she added and I smiled. “I didn’t catch you name” I said looking and her beautiful eyes. “It’s Michaela. Now please sit there and wait” she answered with a smile and left the room. I sat on the chair and thought about how happy should I be that I didn’t left this job for another guy because I’d never meet a girl like her again. 

A few minutes later she returned in the room. “I’ve brought a few things that I’ll have to use on your hair” she told me. “Okay” I shortly answered. Her hands were working on my hair so softly and I couldn’t stop smiling. I defenitly started falling for her.

When she was done with my hair she helped me with the clothes. She didn’t only make my hair look great she had a very good taste for clothes. I had to admit that I look very handsome after I was done with the preparing for the show.

"So..here’s my number call me if you’ll go out with me sometime" I gave her my number with a quick wink. "I’ll call you today" she responded with a cheeky smile. "Well if you won’t call me that you need someone to help you with hair and clothes" she added.

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Hiiii dear! Just wanna let you know... still waiting for my imagine, hope you didnt forget :) byeeee xx

Sorry babe! xx Can you please send your request again. I always do everything I get.

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1D Day moments

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Follow my new blog ohwelltomlinson!!

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Louis being cute during More than this.


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Your blog is fucking purr-fect

Awww please staph I’m blushing!


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